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Nosara Green Philosophy

Dedication. Commitment. Excellence. Harmony

At Nosara Green Restorative Landscaping, we believe that thoughtful landscaping can play a key role in helping bring back biodiversity to the landscape and in providing nutritional services. By designing with a nature based focus we build not only a beautiful garden, but one that is part of a conservation mosaic that contributes to biodiversity conservation at a landscape level. In addition to promoting biodiversity, we help build gardens that are edible and provide nutrients in some case missing from standard diets.

Tropical landscape garden

Why work with Nosara Green?

We take a system’s approach to landscaping by implementing ecosystem restoration practices to create a climate smart landscape that combined within a mosaic of private lands can greatly improve connectivity for biodiversity and provide long-term ecological benefits including water quality, soil fertility, and food.

Our approach is three-pronged

Regenerative landscape design: Regenerative landscapes are those that restore the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, increased biodiversity, and enhanced resilience.

Increased biodiversity: Through proper planning of a landscaping project, biodiversity can increase from previously open or degraded land, providing habitat to local and migratory species once again.

Nutritional Landscapes: Integrating tree and plant ecology with nutrition, household surroundings can be part a transformative solution to natural food sourcing


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